Lucid Motors officially reveal their Lucid Air Range – Expected ‘Spring 2021’

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At around midnight UK time on 9th September, Lucid Motors released its global reveal of their flagship vehicle, the Lucid Air. We got a first look at the car in 2016 and we now know all the important information, such as spec, price, range and roughly the release date.

Throughout this blog, we will be going through the highlights and giving our opinion on the new luxury electric vehicle. If you’d like to watch the release video, you can head over to Lucid’s Twitter page to see the entire event.

The front of three lucid air models in front of the sun

Lucid Air Highlights

Max Horsepower: 1080   |   Range in miles: 517   |   Minutes to charge 300 miles: 20 minutes   |   ¼ Mile: 9.9   |   0-60: 2.5


The Models

So far, Lucid Motors have announced four different models, with three coming in 2021 and a final one coming in 2022. We’ll be focusing on the three being released next year as we have more information on these models. Just to note, the model being released in 2022 is set to be the cheapest, currently priced at ‘under $80,000’ and will just be called ‘Air’.

White Lucid Air parked in front of a house

Air Touring – Late 2021

The cheapest of the three to be released next year, Lucid has said the Air Touring is a combination of ‘class-leading range and power’ with duel motors.

The Air Touring will have a starting price of $95,000, however, the optional extras are currently showing no additional cost, so we’re unsure what the maximum price of the Air Touring will be at the moment. Speaking of optional extras, we’ve listed some of the available ones below.

  • A choice of colours
  • Full Glass Canopy Roof
  • 21” ‘Aero Blade’ or 19” ‘Aero Range’ Wheels
  • 3 Available Interiors: Santa Cruz, Tahoe, Mojave.
  • Dream Drive Level 3 which is ‘future-ready hardware for level 3 functionality with over-the-air updates’
  • Premium Audio Pack
  • Cold Weather Pack
  • Performance Pack
  • All-Weather Floor Mats

Interior white rear seats of the Lucid Air

Lucid has announced that the Air Touring will have 620hp and a maximum range of 406 miles, which gives it almost 30 more miles than the Tesla Model S Long Range. You can reserve an Air Touring for a fully refundable £770 on their website, but we’re not certain whether the release date stated is worldwide or limited to North America.

Find out more about the Lucid Air Touring.

Air Grand Touring – Summer 2021

Lucid’s longest-range vehicle, the Grand Touring, will offer a huge EPA Estimated 517 miles on one charge, which is well clear of the Model S’ now modest 379. That range does come at a price, with Lucid stating the EV will start at $139,000. For that price you will also get a couple more options compared to the Air Touring, these are an additional 21” wheel design to choose from and another interior called Mojave PurLuxe. For that price, you will also enjoy 800hp as the company describes the car as the ‘ultimate in power and prestige.’

Interior black seats of the Lucid Air models

You can reserve your grand touring here.

Air Dream Edition – Spring 2021

Photo of the Lucid Air Dream edition in gold

The most expensive and the first to be produced of the Air models revealed, the Lucid Air Dream Edition is a limited-edition model to celebrate the introduction of the brand.

To get your hands on Lucids flagship model you’ll have to pay $169,000, however, you’ll get a few benefits for getting the limited-edition model. The vehicle offers a more than modest 503 miles of range on one charge and over 1,000hp. You will also get a choice of exclusive interior and exterior trim and all the optional extras coming as standard.

The exclusive trim options include:

  • Eureka Gold Paint
  • A Dream Exclusive look which consists of aluminium with titanium finish
  • A 21” Aero Dream Edition Wheel
  • Santa Monica Interior

A few other notable features of Lucid’s Air Dream include AWR from duel motors and a 0-60 time of a speedy 2.5 seconds and a ¼ mile time of 9.9 seconds (which is the same ¼ time as the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport in 2010).

You can only reserve the Air Dream Edition in the US and Canada at the moment, so we’re unsure whether it will be released in other parts of the world.

The new leading Luxury Sedan?

Interior screens of the Lucid Air

The Lucid Air range aims to be the leader in electric luxury sedans, but will it be able to take Tesla off its perch?

One regular complaint about Tesla models is the quality of the interior. Lucid Air looks to take full advantage of this with an executive look and feel which is aimed to compete against the likes of the Mercedes S-Class and BMW 7 Series.

Lucid’s Models could cost over £50,000 more than Tesla’s, putting in an entirely different market, especially as Tesla turns their attention to other products, such as the 3, Y, Cybertruck and Roadster. It looks as though the Lucid will be in prime position to compete against the ever-growing electric luxury sedans seen in the chauffeuring business, especially as more locations implement zero-emission zones (ZEZ), such as London.

In terms of specs, the Air models and Tesla are quite similar, with Tesla winning the 0-60 time and Lucid victorious in the ¼ mile. One aspect which Lucid trumps Tesla in is the mileage, with a potential of over 500 miles possible in the newcomer.

We’re yet to see whether Tesla will look to improve their own models to ensure they remain the front runner of EV’s. We’ll know more when Lucid release more details of their ‘cheaper’ model expected in 2022.

Rear close-up photo of the Lucid car with the logo

For more information on the Air reveal, have a read of Lucid’s official announcement
We’re yet to see whether Tesla will look to improve their own models to ensure they remain the front runner of EV’s. We’ll know more when Lucid release more details of their ‘cheaper’ model expected in 2022.

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