Essential Tips to Help Get Your EV Through Winter

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If you own an electric vehicle, you are no stranger to the effect cold weather can have on the performance. The performance drop is because of the impact winter has on the battery cells, reducing power delivery and effecting charging speeds.

As a result, we have outlined several helpful tips to ensure you do not get caught out in the cold.

Let us know what you do to protect your car during winter.


Protect your car from cold.

The easiest way to ensure your EV does not lose performance during winter is to protect it from the cold altogether.

Although it is a solution which is easier said than done for a lot of people. Not everyone has a secure garage to store their vehicle, especially one with an EV charger. However, there are other solutions to keeping your car covered.

Placing a tarp over the windshield, wing mirrors and doors can make a huge difference. Additionally, it is advised not to use hot water to remove frost and ice as this can damage your windshield.


Precondition the battery.

Batteries in EVs perform most effectively when they are at an ideal temperature. As a result, if you know when your journey starts, you should be able to schedule your EV charging to finish right when you need to depart. This will mean that the battery will not have to warm itself from its energy reserves, resulting in longer range. Additionally, this should improve the regenerative braking, which is also good for range.

You may also be able to heat the cabin while the car is charging. Heating the cabin from a cold temperature can reduce range by up to 30%.


Do not let the battery get too low.

It is important that when you hit the road in the winter, you have plenty of charge. The vehicle may need that extra juice to warm the battery. Additionally, winter traffic could result in long delays to your journey and the last thing you want is to find yourself stuck without a charger in sight.


Switch to Winter Tyres

While the UK may not get as much snow and ice compared to other countries, winter tyres can still have a huge impact on performance.

Regular tyres struggle when temperatures are below 7°C. Winter tyres result in better grip, optimized braking and make the drive a lot safer!

Additionally, it is important to check tyre pressures consistently throughout winter. The cold air reduces pressure, which leads to rolling resistance and less driving range.


Remove Frost and Ice

It may sound obvious but removing ice and frost from an EV can drastically improve its range. Furthermore, if it has been a heavy night of snow, all that additional weight on the car can severely impact the aerodynamic properties of the vehicle.


Economical Driving

One of the best ways to ensure an EV achieves its predicted range is by eco-driving. Driving smoothly and avoiding abrupt stops and starts preserves the car battery. Additionally, it minimised the risk of slipping on road surfaces.

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