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Next year is looking to be full of positives for numerous reasons, one of these is the release of several high-quality full-electric cars. With the development of the infrastructure in the UK and the benefits offered by the government, this is the perfect time to move over to green alternatives to traditional vehicles.

Below, at the Electric Broker, we have outlined some of our favourite upcoming releases in the UK.

Lucid Air

Lucid air electric car

In September, Lucid revealed their ‘Air’ models, which are expected to be available in 2021. The saloons look as though they will rival the S-Class and 7 Series when it comes to luxury and Tesla when it comes to electric vehicle performance. As a result, the starting price for the touring version will be $95,000. This will get you a combination of ‘class-leading range and power’ with duel motors.

The Air’ does come with impressive stats, with the best performing across all the models being 1080 horsepower, a range of 517 miles and a 0-60 of 2,5 seconds. You can read more about the Lucid Air and the different versions here.

Audi e-tron GT

A Photograph of the Black Audi e-tron GT Concept

A Photograph of the Black Audi e-tron GT Concept

(Audi e-tron Concept, Credit:

Audi should be releasing their new flagship EV by the end of the year. The style will take its inspiration from the e-tron GT Concept, pictured above, and it’s estimated it will be priced at around £100,000. As Audi and Porsche are both in the Volkswagen Group, the e-tron will share many features found on the Taycan, such as the ability to charge up to 80% in 20 minutes thanks to the 350kW battery.

The full-electric vehicle will have a 0-60 time of about 3.5 seconds, thanks to having a power output of about 590bhp.  According to Audi, the e-tron will have a range of about 250 miles before having to recharge.


Jaguar XJ

A black and white camouflaged Jaguar XJ All-Electric testing

(Jaguar XJ In Testing, Credit

In 2021, Jaguar will be releasing their second all-electric car. According to Jaguar, the XJ will feature heavily from the company’s successful I-Pace. As a result, the EV is likely going to have a 90kWh battery, giving it a similar range to the I-Pace of nearly 300 miles.

Not much has been said regarding the looks of the vehicle, with only a couple of shots of a testing version available (courtesy of Auto Express). This is the same story of the price, however, we can assume it will be on the higher-end as its position of a luxury EV.



A gold and black BMW iNEXT all electric Concept car

(BMW iNEXT Concept, Credit

BMW will be looking to release its all-electric flagship model during the second half of 2021. As most high-end manufacturers look to make their mark on the EV market, BMW will be debuting their iNEXT SUV.

The iNEXT will feature all the autonomous and battery technically which BMW currently has available. The car will be an all-electric alternative to the ICE X5 and X7/ As a result we expect the price to start at around €80,000, with plenty of additional extras to take it to well over €100,000. The iNEXT concept car features plenty of technological features which most likely won’t be present on release, such as touch-sensitive seats, cameras instead of door mirrors and rear-hinged doors.

Due to the iNEXT being an all-electric car, we expect a strong 0-60mph time. The battery size will likely be 120kWh, giving an overall range of about 360 miles.


Fiat 500 Electric

an emerald all electric Fiat 500 La Prima

(Fiat 500 La Prima, Credit:


In 2021, Fiat has decided it is time to give their icon ‘Fiat 500’ model the electric touch. The new all-electric model has a modest 42kWh battery, which will result in about 199 miles of range, which for the majority of users, will be plenty. The company have said the EV will get to 80% charge in about 35 minutes with an 85kW public fast charger.

The EV will come with an updated interior, which includes a widescreen infotainment system and a cleaner dashboard design.


Hyundai IONIQ 5

A silver Hyundai concept car '45' - All electric

(Hyundai Concept ‘45’, Credit:

As we talked about in a previous blog, the IONIQ 5 will be the first of the new all-electric Hyundai models.

There are still plenty of details which have yet to be released, but the range of the car will most likely be similar to that of the Hyundai Kona, which is about 270 real-world miles. It’s estimated that the cost of IONIQ 5 will be around £35,000.


CUPRA Tavascan

A dark grey All electric CUPRA Tavascan concept

(CUPRA Tavascan concept, Credit:

The Tavascan SUV will be the debut all-electric vehicle for CUPRA with the head of design claiming the car will be similar to the concept car pictured above. As a result, the Tavascan will certainly stand out with plenty of eye-catching styling features. It is reported that the starting price will be around £60,000.

The Tavascan has a longer range than the Audi e-tron, with WLTP giving it a range of about 279 miles on a full charge. The EV will have a speedy 0-60 of 6.5 seconds. As a result, it will be quicker than most ICE SUV’s but falls behind compared to other EV’s.


BMW i4

A gold all electric BMW i4 concept

(BMW i4 Concept, Credit:

Along with the iNEXT, BMW is also looking to release a rival to the Tesla Model 3, the BMW i4 in 2021. The concept with the i4 is based on has an apparent range of around 372 miles, making it a market leader in terms of range.

The full-electric saloon will have 500bhp and a 0-60 time of around four seconds. We can expect the design of the production car to vary a bit from the concept, however, sources say the concept is 80% of the finished product. The starting price of the i4 is predicted to be from £50,000.

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