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The UK Government has announced its plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2035. For this to become a reality, the electric vehicle infrastructure needs to be developed to create reliable, accessible, and affordable charging for all UK residents.

A country-wide charging network and electric vehicles with long ranges are key to the UK becoming virtually zero carbon by 2050.

Electric Vehicle Charging Point Funding

Making sure electric vehicle charging is available and convenient will aid in speeding up the transition to EV’s. We are now able to offer EV Charge Point Funding for commercial clients. At the Electric Broker, we have built relationships with industry-leading suppliers and installation companies to find the best rates and give the best advice possible to our clients. As a result, we can develop tailored solutions for even the most complex payment structures.

Workplace charge point funding

There are many benefits to installing electric vehicle charging in the workplace, these include a new revenue stream for the business, improve employee satisfaction, and develop the company’s image.

There is no better time to invest in EV’s, with the governments 0% Benefit in Kind tax on electric company cars. EV charging will help the company become more environmentally friendly and develop positive PR stories which can be used to drive more business. Have a look at the additional benefits to Electric Vehicles.

Another advantage of installing workplace EV charge points now is the government’s Workplace Charging Scheme. The scheme is currently available to any business charity and public authority and has the potential to reduce installation costs by up to £14,000. Find out more about the governments’ Workplace Charging Scheme.

We are also able to source funding for EV fleet charging, along with EV fleet funding. As a result, if you are a company who is looking to develop, or shift, their fleet, we are in a great position to help.

If you’re interested in electric vehicle charging for the workplace. Get in touch with us today.

Home charge point funding

The majority of charging in the UK is done at home, so it’s important to ensure they are efficient for your personal use. Home charging points are much faster, and safer than alternatives, such as a regular 3-pin plug.

Our extensive work with suppliers and installation companies means we can provide products from all major brands. As a result, we are able to understand your needs and offer the best advice and service for your circumstances.

Each home charging point has a smart meter built-in, meaning you can closely monitor how much electricity you are using. If you are using a company car, this means you can bill your employer according, instead of giving them fuel receipts.

Charging your electric vehicle

For everyday life, charging an electric vehicle at home overnight or at work will give people a full ‘tank’, leaving them with plenty of miles to live their normal lives.

On longer road trips, the charging point infrastructure has grown to over 33,000 chargers across the UK, compared to 1,300 in 2011.

Types of Electric Vehicle chargers

There are three types of public charge points available to charge your EV:

Slow charge points

Slow chargers are typically used when charging an EV overnight using a standard three-pin plug. As a result, smaller models will usually take about 8 hours for a full charge. EV’s with larger batteries will take substantially longer and can take over 24 hours to reach a full charge. Slow charge point can charge an electric car like Nissan’s LEAF in about 9 hours.

Fast public charge points

Compared to regular, slow chargers, fast chargers can more than half the usual charge time. They operate at 7kW and are currently the maximum speed a wall-mounted home charger can be. A fast charge point is capable of charging an electric car like Nissan’s LEAF in about 120 minutes.

Rapid charge points.

Rapid chargers are ideal for long motorway journeys and can be found at most service stations. Some have a capacity of 350kW, with the only car coming close to that charging speed being the Porsche Taycan at 280kW. Most rapid charge points in the UK can charge a popular full-electric vehicle to 80% capacity in under an hour.

As well as a growing infrastructure, electric vehicles have numerous benefits. Have a read of some of them here

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As we are powered by Ethos we have access to a number of lenders who will work with us to fund charging points and associated infrastructure. This supports many businesses to spread the cost of any initial outlay for equipment required for charging stations. In some instances lenders will also consider lending against installation costs. HP or finance lease products are available on a soft asset lend.

Ethos will work with you to understand the business project you are looking to fulfil and manage the relationship with the supplier to ensure a tailored proposal is put together working with your desired deposit and budget requirements.

There are a number of options available to businesses supporting the lend application bringing in revenue on the purchase; including use of the units out of office hours on a chargeable basis.

Grants are also available for qualifying businesses.